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Notary Public

We generally offer Notary Public service by appointment in our office from 9AM-5PM Monday to Saturday and 10AM-5PM on Sundays. Please call us in advance of your visit if you are a walk in to ensure the availability of a Notary Public, phone 626-282-1149. We notarize many different types of documents, including but not limited to Loan Documents, Load Modifications, Power of Attorney, Deeds, etc. Remember, for Notary Public service in the Alhambra, CA area, please call 626-282-1149.

Effective January 1, 2017 the fee is $15.00 for each signature that we notarize. We will travel outside of our office to preform notarial service by appointment only. There would be an additional fee for traveling outside our office. Our travel fees start at $50.00 and they are established by two factors, the distance from our office, and the time spent away from our office (lost business opportunity) that is necessary to notarize your document(s). As you can see, it is clearly more cost effective to come into our office for notarial service if at all possible. If you need a Notary Public to travel outside our office in Alhambra, CA, please call  626-282-1149 for a travel fee quote.

IMPORTANT!!! You will need to provide us with the entire document(s) which you are requesting to be notarized. No pages can be missing. You must inform us whether you need an affidavit or an acknowledgement. Your documents must be filled out in their entirety prior to your arrival at our office. The person(s) who is/are signing the document must be present along with their valid identification (the only forms accepted are a current state driver's license with picture (no temporaries), a current state issued ID card with picture (no temporaries), a current passport, or a prison ID card) for the signer(s). Notaries are prohibited from advice or instruction on how to fill out the document(s) being notarized. The only function of a notary is to witness a signature. Notaries are not lawyers and we are unable to prepare documents or offer you advice or instructions on how to complete your documents. If you need documents prepared, have questions about the document, need advice or instruction on how to fill out the document(s), please contact an attorney prior to seeing us. All blanks on the documents must be accounted for. If an area does not apply to you, you can either line through it or write N/A in each blank on the form. If you are not sure what to do, please consult an attorney or the issuer of the form who is requesting your signature to be notarized.


Tom Berge, Jr., Thomas Berge, Jr., BERGE COMPANY REALTORS┬«, 900 East Main Street, Alhambra, CA 91801. Phone (626) 282-1149

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